Junpei Takiguchi

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Junpei Takiguchi
Native name 滝口 順平
Born Kōhei Takiguchi
(1931-04-17)April 17, 1931
Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Died August 29, 2011(2011-08-29) (aged 80)
Cause of death Stomach cancer
Occupation Voice actor, narrator
Years active 1951–2011
Known for Burari Tochūgesha no Tabi

Kōhei Takiguchi (Japanese: 滝口 幸平, Hepburn: Takiguchi Kōhei, April 17, 1931 – August 29, 2011), better known by the stage name Junpei Takiguchi (滝口 順平, Takiguchi Junpei), was a Japanese voice actor and narrator from Chiba Prefecture.

Besides his many narration and dubbing roles, he was also known for his roles in Time Bokan (as Perasuke), Yatterman (as Dokurobei), Mazinger Z (as Count Brocken), Tekkaman: The Space Knight (as Ranbos), Yuusha Raideen (as Barao), and for his narration roles in Burari Tochūgesha no Tabi and Pittankokan Kan.


Takiguchi died at 7:33am JST on August 29, 2011, aged 80, from stomach cancer.[1]

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