Junshan Lake

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Junshan Lake
Coordinates 28°34′N 116°19′E / 28.567°N 116.317°E / 28.567; 116.317Coordinates: 28°34′N 116°19′E / 28.567°N 116.317°E / 28.567; 116.317
Lake type Fresh water lake
Catchment area 615 km2 (237 sq mi)
Basin countries China
Max. length 25 km (16 mi)
Max. width 18.2 km (11 mi)
Surface area 192.5 km2 (100 sq mi)
Average depth 4 m (13 ft)
Max. depth 6.4 m (21 ft)
Water volume 766×10^6 m3 (27.1×10^9 cu ft)
Surface elevation 18 m (59 ft)

Junshan LakeChinese: 军山湖; pinyin: Jūnshān Hú)also known as "Sun Moon Lake" (Chinese: 日月湖; pinyin: Rìyuè Hú)during ancient times, is a freshwater lake in China. It is located in Jinxian County of Jiangxi Province, situated to the south of Poyang Lake. The drainage basin has an area of 615 km2, with an elevation of 18 m, a length of 25 km and a greatest breadth from east to west of 18.2 km (the average breadth is only 7.7 km). The lake has a surface area of 192.5 km2, and volume is about 7.66×108m3. The maximum depth of the Junshan Lake is 6.4 m, though the average is 4 m.[1] The lake is rich in fish and crab.


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