Regional Government of Andalusia

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Regional Government of Andalusia
Junta de Andalucía
Logotipo de la Junta de Andalucía.svg
Seal of the Junta de Andalucía
Collective institutions overview
Formed 1981
Jurisdiction Andalusia
Headquarters Palace of San Telmo, Seville
Minister responsible

The Regional Government of Andalusia[1] (Spanish: Junta de Andalucía, "Council of Andalusia") is the government of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. It consists of the Parliament of Andalusia, the President of the Government of Andalusia and the Government Council. The 2011 budget was 31.7 billion euros.[2] It employees about 500,000 workers.



The Parliament of Andalusia is the Legislative Assembly. Its main functions are to enact, amend or repeal laws and to appoint/remove the President. It is composed of deputies chosen by direct, universal suffrage, to represent the Andalusian people. The Parliament was constituted in 1982, after the approval of the Statute of Autonomy in 1981. Its current headquarters is in the former Hospital de las Cinco Llagas, Seville.[3]


The President of the Regional Government of Andalusia is the executive of the Autonomous Community and the ordinary representative of the State; the President is appointed by an absolute majority of the Plenary session of the Parliament and approved by the king.

Government Council[edit]

The Government Council is the political organ and administrative superior of the Community. It regulates legal authority and the performance of the executive and administrative function of the Government. It is composed of the President and named Counselors to take charge of the various Departments (Conserjerías). The Government Council meets every Tuesday.


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