Government of Extremadura

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Gobierno de Extremadura Cabinet in 2007
Kind Government of an Autonomous Community
Jurisdiction Extremadura (Spain)
headquarters Conventual Santiaguista (Mérida)
President José Antonio Monago Terraza
Vice president Cristina Elena Teniente Sánchez
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The regional Government of Extremadura[1][2] (Spanish: Gobierno de Extremadura; formerly Junta de Extremadura) is the group of institutions ruling the Spanish autonomous community of Extremadura.


It is headed by the President of Extremadura. Its legislative branch is the unicameral Assembly of Extremadura. Executive functions are performed by seven ministries (Consejerías).

The Board of Extremadura comprises the President, Vice President or Vice Presidents (if any) and regional ministers. Each minister is in charge of one Ministry and is freely appointed and dismissed by the President, reporting to the As


In accordance with the President's general guidelines, the government establishes policy and directs the administration of the Autonomous Region, exercising its executive and regulatory powers under the Spanish Constitution and the Statute of Extremadura. Its headquarters are in Mérida, capital of Extremadura, in accordance with Article 5 of the Statute of Autonomy.


The current President of the Government of Extremadura, José Antonio Monago Terraza, was elected in the elections of May 22, 2011. For 24 years previously, the president had been Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra. The current government of Extremadura is composed of the following directors:

Cargo Nombre Party
President José Antonio Monago Terraza People's Party (Spain)
Vice President, Spokesperson and Department of Labour, Business and Research Cristina Elena Teniente Sánchez People's Party (Spain)
Department of Public Administration Pedro Tomás Nevado-Batalla Moreno People's Party (Spain)
Department of Economy and Finance Antonio Fernández Fernández People's Party (Spain)
Department of Development, Housing, Planning and Tourism Víctor Gerardo del Moral People's Party (Spain)
Department of Education and Culture Trinidad Nogales Besarrate People's Party (Spain)
Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy José Antonio Echávarri People's Party (Spain)
Department of Health and Social Policy Jerónima Sayagués Prieto People's Party (Spain)


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