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Junub (جنب) is an Islamic term meaning ritually impure due to sexual intercourse or seminal discharge. A person in such a state needs to take a bath in order to become ritually pure and be able to perform his prayers.[1] A person while in a state of janaba cannot offer his/her daily salat (prayer) or enter a mosque.

Things a junub person can do[edit]

  • A person is allowed to touch others except non-mahram.
  • A person can sleep without ghusl but have to do ablution.
  • A person can walk in the streets.
  • A person can have a bath with his wife in a single container.
  • A person is allowed to take food.
  • A person is allowed to begin fasting in this state
  • A person is allowed to carry or touch a tape on which Quran is recorded.
  • A person may perform Jihad.

Things a junub person cannot do[edit]

  • A person is not allowed to offer salat.
  • Cannot shave his head. (Men only)
  • Cannot cut the nails. (Men only)
  • Enter the masjid or even pass through the masjid.

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