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Esperanto Youth Week (Esperanto: Junulara E-Semajno, JES) is one of the most important Esperanto youth meetings in the world. It is organised by the German Esperanto Youth (GEJ) and the Polish Esperanto Youth (PEJ) at the end of every year in a different city of central Europe, starting 2009-10.

The meeting is taking the place of the former Internacia Seminario and Ago-Semajno, two Esperanto gatherings aimed at youth which had been overlapping since the beginning of the 2000s (decade); the former was organized by GEJ alone, while the latter was organized by the Polish Esperanto Youth and Varsovia Vento.

List of weeks[edit]

Number Dates City Country
10 28 December 2018-4 January 2019 Storkow  Germany
9 26 December 2017-2 January 2018 Szczecin  Poland
8[1] 28 December 2016-4 January 2017 Langwedel  Germany
7[2] 27 December 2015-3 January 2016 Eger  Hungary
6[3] 28 December 2014-4 January 2015 Weißwasser  Germany
5[4] 28 December 2013-4 January 2014 Szczawno-Zdrój  Poland
4[5] 28 December 2012-4 January 2013 Naumburg  Germany
3[6] 27 December 2011-1 January 2012 Gdańsk  Poland
2[7] 27 December 2010-2 January 2011 Burg  Germany
1[8] 26 December 2009-3 January 2010 Zakopane  Poland

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