Midland Mixe

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Midland Mixe
Central Mixe
Native to Mexico
Region Northeastern Oaxaca
Native speakers
29,000 (2000–2002)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
mxq – Juquila
neq – North Central (Cotzocón, Puxmetecán, Atitlán)
pxm – Quetzaltepec Mixe (not distinct)[1]
Glottolog midl1241[3]

Midland a.k.a. Central Mixe is a Mixe language spoken in Mexico. According to Wichmann (1995), there are two groups of dialects:

Jaltepec, Puxmetecán, Atitlán, Matamoros, Cotzocón
Juquila, Cacalotepec

Ethnologue lists Mixistlán as well, but Wichmann counts that as Tlahuitoltepec Mixe.

A new variety of Midland Mixe has been recently documented in the village of San Juan Bosco Chuxnabá in San Miguel Quetzaltepec municipality, Oaxaca by Carmen Jany and other linguists.[4][5][6]


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