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Jurgis Kunčinas (13 January 1947 in Alytus, Lithuania – 13 December 2002) was a poet, novelist, and essayist.[1] His works, originally published in the Lithuanian language, have been translated into English, German, Russian, Estonian, Belarusian, Swedish, and Polish.[1]

Kunčinas received the Lithuanian Writers Union' prize in 1994 for the novel Tūla, set largely in Vilnius's Užupis district.[1][2] His 1996 compilation of essays, Laba diena, pone Enrike!, received an award from the city of Vilnius.[1]

Selected bibliography[edit]

  • Takas per girią (1977) (poetry)
  • Atidėtas rugsėjis (1984) (poetry)
  • Atgimimo kryžius (1990) (poetry)
  • Namai be žiburių (1991) (poetry)
  • Vaizdas į mėnulį (1989) (essays)
  • Baltųjų sūrių naktis (1995) (essays)
  • Laba diena, pone Enrike! (1996) (essays)
  • Glisono kilpa (1991) (novel)
  • Tūla (1993) (novel)


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