Jurij Slatkonja

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Bishop Slatkonja

Jurij Slatkonja, (German: Georg von Slatkonia, also Jurij Chrysippus; 21 March 1456, Ljubljana–26 April 1522, Vienna), was a Carniolan conductor and composer, and bishop of Vienna.

Jurij Slatkonja was the second provost of Novo Mesto and first bishop of Vienna. In 1498 he founded the chapel boys' choir later known as the Vienna Boys Choir. In his crest contained a golden horse, from which comes his surname (Slovene slat [= zlat] 'golden' + konj 'horse'). He is also known as the owner of first ex libris among Slovenians.

He was educated in Ljubljana, after 1473 in Ingolstadt, and after 1478 in Vienna, where he received the title of baccalareus. He worked as a chaplain and cantor at the court in Vienna. In 1513 he was given the position of bishop of Vienna although he was also working as a musician. He was a great friend of mathematics and physics.

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