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Coordinates: 1°19′03.39″N 103°42′28.90″E / 1.3176083°N 103.7080278°E / 1.3176083; 103.7080278

Look-out tower on Jurong Hill.

Jurong Hill (Chinese: 裕廊山) is a scenic hill situated in western Singapore off Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim. The hill is also known as Bukit Peropok in Malay. It is enveloped in 15 hectares of lush greenery standing 60 meters tall. Commanding a panoramic view of Jurong Town since 1971,[1] the hill became a well-known landmark. The park was constructed by JTC Corporation. Within the park is a "garden of fame", so named for many trees planted by visiting foreign dignitaries. There is a look-out tower on Jurong Hill where one can get an aerial view of Jurong. The park on Jurong Hill, Jurong Hill Park, is a popular spot for couples to shoot their wedding photos. Jurong Bird Park is located on the western slope of Jurong Hill.

It is bounded by Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Pioneer Road, Jalan Buroh and Jurong Pier Road.

There is also a restaurant on the hill, though the long-standing Hilltop Japanese and Indonesian Restaurant is now closed.[2]

Garden of fame[edit]

The following celebrities planted trees in the garden [3][4]


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