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Jurong Lake District is a district of Singapore, planned as part of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)’s decentralisation efforts to bring more quality jobs, amenities, and recreational options closer to homes. The plans for the district have continued to evolve since the blueprint was first unveiled in the URA Master Plan 2008.[1] It consists of three precincts, namely Jurong Gateway, Lakeside and Lakeside Gateway. It is 472 hectares (4,720,000 m2) in size and served by two major expressways and three MRT stations. It will be the Singapore's next central business district.[2][3]

Master Plan[edit]

The Jurong Lake District Master Plan consist of nine components:

  • Detailed master plan for Lakeside Gateway, including strategies to seamlessly integrate the new precinct with Jurong Gateway, Lakeside, as well as the Teban Gardens and Pandan Gardens area to the south;
  • Strategies to shape a distinctive identity for Jurong Lake District;
  • Possible revisions to land uses of surrounding areas that will strengthen the position of Jurong Lake District as Singapore’s second CBD. Examples of these areas are Jurong West to the west, and Teban Gardens and Pandan Gardens to the south;
  • Car-lite and connectivity plans for Jurong Lake District and its surroundings. Examples include a comprehensive network of infrastructure and facilities catering to active mobility options (e.g. walking, cycling and Personal Mobility Devices) that links up to existing and future developments throughout the District;
  • Urban design guidelines, landscaping and public space strategies, and plans to create, improve, and integrate green and blue spaces;
  • Plans for the possible adaptive reuse of the former Jurong Town Hall and current Science Centre buildings, to strengthen the heritage memories of Jurong;
  • Plans for possible district-level infrastructure, utilities and urban systems. Examples include a district cooling system, common services tunnel, pneumatic refuse conveyance system, and urban logistics;
  • An underground space plan catering to different uses throughout the District. The objective is to optimise overall land use and improve pedestrian experience in underground spaces; and
  • Environmental sustainability strategies to mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect and improve energy efficiency, resource usage, and overall thermal comfort throughout the District.


Spread over 290 hectares (2,900,000 m2), residents and visitors can look forward to new parks, improved promenades, more water activities and numerous attractions blended in with the scenic lakeside setting.[4]



  • Lakeside Village

Food & beverage[edit]

  • Lakeside Village



  • Jurong Lake Garden Central or JLG Central (integration of Chinese and Japanese Garden and progressively completed from 2020 onwards)
  • Jurong Lake Garden East or JLG East (progressively completed from 2020 onwards)
  • Jurong Lake Garden West or JLG West (formerly Jurong Lake Park and scheduled for completion in 2018)
  • Enhanced public park & promenade


  • Lakeside Village


Jurong Gateway[edit]

Located around the Jurong East MRT Station, the 70 hectares (700,000 m2) Jurong Gateway will be developed into a vibrant commercial hub; the biggest outside the Central Business District.[4]



  • Vision Exchange

Employment agency[edit]

  • Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability (opened in 2014)



  • Genting Hotel Jurong


  • J Gateway


  • JCube (opened in 2012)
  • Westgate (opened in 2013)
  • Jem (opened in 2013)
  • J-Link (opened in 2014)
  • Big Box (opened in 2014)


Lakeside Gateway[edit]

Lakeside Gateway is a 112 hectares (1,120,000 m2) mixed-use business precinct and home to the future terminus of the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail.

On 11 July 2016, Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced the Request For Proposal (RFP) for Lakeside Gateway.[2][3]



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