Just Add Magic

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Just Add Magic
Just Add Magic book cover.jpeg
AuthorCindy Callaghan
GenreJuvenile Fantasy
Published2010, (Aladdin)

Just Add Magic is a best-selling[1] 2010 fictional juvenile novel by Cindy Callaghan.[2][3] It tells the story of three young friends who find a mysterious cook book and create a secret cooking club.


Middle school girls Kelly and Darbie find an old World Book encyclopedia in Kelly's attic. Inside, they find the articles have been covered up by recipes with strange names like "Keep 'Em Quiet Cobbler" and "Hexberry Tarts". This is the excuse Kelly has been looking for: secret cooking club with her two best friends Darbie and Hannah. The key is keeping the club secret from the mean girl next door, Charlotte.[3]

Kelly's little brother eats some of the cobbler and is unable to speak. Charlotte eats some of the tarts and develops blisters on her feet right before soccer try-outs. Kelly and Darbie think there's something magical about these recipes, but Hannah remains skeptical.

The three best friends find themselves with some bad luck after using the recipes . They befriend Senora Perez, owner of the Mexican cooking store where they buy the exotic ingredients needed for the magical recipes. She teaches them about the Law of Returns and they decide to perform (sometimes painful) good deeds around their town to balance things out.[4]


Amazon Studios adapted the novel for the 2015 pilot season[5] and later ordered a full season based on the response.[6]


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