Just Bummin' Around

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"Just a Bummin' Around"
Song by Dean Martin
Released December 11, 1967
Genre Pop
Writer(s) Pete Graves
Producer(s) Jack Haley Jr. (Movin' with Nancy)

"Just Bummin' Around" was a song performed by American singer Dean Martin, in the 1967 television special, Movin' With Nancy, starring Nancy Sinatra. It was released to home video in 2000.[1]

The single reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and topped the Easy Listening chart during the winter of 1966–1967.

The song was written by Pete Graves. Graves, who also recorded the tune, is quoted as saying that he took lyrics from a rodeo song he had written when he was a rodeo rider, including the lines free as a breeze, I do as I please, nothing to lose and not even the blues, and added them into "Just Bummin' Around." Graves also said he pulled the line "I got an old slouch hat" from an Ernest Tubb song, "Blue Eyed Jane." He said he waited on Tubbs to sue him but he didn’t.[2]

The song has been recorded many times, and is said to have first been recorded by Jimmy Dean in 1952.[3] Other singers who have recorded it include renditions by Perry Como, Pee Wee King, Ray Price, Slim Dusty, Hank Thompson, Hank Snow, T. Texas Tyler, Tab Hunter, Boxcar Willie and Deana Martin. It was also recorded as a duet by Jerry Lee Lewis and Merle Haggard.

Deana Martin recorded "Bummin' Around" in 2006. The song was released on her 2006 album Memories Are Made of This by Big Fish Records.


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