Just Drifting

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"Just Drifting"
Single by Psychic TV
Released 1982
Label WEA International, Inc.
Catalog number: PTV 1 (7"), PTV1T (12")

Just Drifting is a single by Psychic TV for their album Force The Hand Of Chance. It was on 7" and 12" vinyl.

The B-side run-out groove reads: BREAKTHROUGH IN THE GREY ROOM.


Some Bizarre Records / Warner *Music performers: Alex Fergusson, Peter Christopherson

  • Lyrics: Genesis P-Orridge
  • Producer: Ken Thomas, Psychic TV
  • Recorded by (assistant): Mike King

7" vinyl notes[edit]

Some Bizzare Label "This is a Zuccarelli Holophonic TM recording made with the assistance of Mike King. This system gives 360 degree sound or Three Dimensional sound. For best effect place speakers opposite each other and sit in the middle, or use headphones. Close your eyes, play quite loud and try and read the pictures. Walk through the rooms of The Temple Ov Psychick Youth."

"If you sit with fear, a star too far, almost lost in this storm of Life. A blazing ghost can become the host, and you breakthrough to the room of dreams."

12" vinyl notes[edit]

"Ov Power - A method to be used by the Individual to break through to their deeper consciousness, where fantasies, ambitions and real wishes reside, the place where all dreams meet."

Track listing[edit]

7" vinyl[edit]

Side A:

  1. "Just Drifting"

Side B:

  1. "Breakthrough"

12" vinyl[edit]

Side A:

  1. "Just Drifting"
  2. "Just Drifting (Midnight)"

Side B:

  1. "Ov Power"