Just Like Eddie

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"Just Like Eddie"
Just Like Eddie.jpg
Single by Heinz
B-side "Don't You Knock On My Door"
Released July 1963
Format 7", 45rpm
Length 2:39[1]
Label Decca F11693
Songwriter(s) Geoff Goddard
Producer(s) Joe Meek
Heinz singles chronology
"Dreams Do Come True"
"Just Like Eddie"
"I Get Up In The Morning"
"Dreams Do Come True"
"Just Like Eddie"
"I Get Up In The Morning"

"Just Like Eddie" is a song by recording artist Heinz. The song was his 2nd solo release after leaving the band The Tornados. It was released in 1963, the same year that John F Kennedy was assassinated.


The song was a tribute to American rock 'n' roll pioneer Eddie Cochran.[2] The song was produced and engineered by Joe Meek and was released via the record label Decca in 1963.[3] The guitar on the track was played by Ritchie Blackmore.[4] The song written by Joe Meek's associate Geoff Goddard.[5] The song is Heinz's only successful song as a solo artist when it entered the Top 20 in the UK Singles Chart.[6] The song peaked at number 5 on the chart.[4] The B-side featured with the song was titled "Don't You Knock On My Door".[7]

Joe Meek shot himself to death with Heinz's shotgun, after killing his landlady.[8]

Heinz's other singles were "Country Boy" (1963), "You Were There" (1963).


In his book, Rock & Roll: Facts, Figures & Fun, Mike Evans said that it was a tribute record that was not opportunistic like others, because it was released three years after Cochran's death.[9]

Inclusions and covers[edit]

"Just Like Eddie" was featured on two Decca compilation EP's following its release. These were titled "Various Artists: Thank Your Lucky Stars Vol 2" and "Various Artists: Ready Steady Go". These were respectively released in June and July 1963.[10] It was included on Heinz's "Tribute To Eddie" collection in September 1963.[10] The song was featured on the "Just Like Eddie" compilation CD released on 7 August 1995.[11] In 2013, It was included on "Heinz - The Essential Collection".[12]

The song has been covered by the Finnish band Teddy and the Tigers.[13] "Just Like Eddie" was later covered by the British electro group Silicon Teens.[14]

Track listing[edit]


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