Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology

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Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology
The Cars Anthology Cover.jpg
Compilation album by The Cars
Released November 7, 1995
Recorded 1977–1987
Genre New wave, pop rock, rock
Length 2:31:54
Label Rhino
Producer The Cars, Roy Thomas Baker, Robert John "Mutt" Lange, Mike Shipley, Ric Ocasek
The Cars chronology
Door to Door
Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology
Shake It Up & Other Hits
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology is a two-disc, career-spanning compilation album of songs by the American new wave rock band The Cars. It features most of the band's singles, as well as many album tracks, non-album B-sides and unreleased songs.


Whereas the 1985 Greatest Hits album contained the band's most popular hit singles, Just What I Needed includes an album's worth of rarities and unreleased tracks, in addition to deeper album tracks and the requisite hits.

This album contains the original album version of "I'm Not the One" from 1980, while the rendition on Greatest Hits was a 1985 remix. "Heartbeat City" is the only song on Greatest Hits that was excluded from this album.

Rare and unreleased tracks[edit]


The following three songs are non-album B-sides that were previously unreleased on CD:

  • "That's It" (previously released as the B-side of 1979's "Let's Go")
  • "Don't Go to Pieces" (previously released as the B-side of 1980's "Don't Tell Me No" and 1981's "Gimme Some Slack")
  • "Breakaway" (previously released as the B-side of 1985's "Why Can't I Have You")



The following four songs were recorded as demos in 1977. "Leave or Stay" and "Ta Ta Wayo Wayo" were eventually re-recorded for the band's 1987 album Door to Door; the other 2 tracks were never re-recorded. All four songs were previously unreleased recordings.

  • "Take Me Now"
  • "Cool Fool"
  • "Ta Ta Wayo Wayo" (demo)
  • "Leave or Stay" (demo)


The following previously unreleased song is an unfinished outtake from the band's first album, featuring only Ocasek and Hawkes. It was eventually re-recorded for 1979's Candy-O.


The previously unreleased "Slipaway" was recorded as a 24-track demo by The Cars between their first and second albums. Rather than record a finished studio version, The Cars gave the song to Ian Lloyd, who issued his version later in 1979.

  • "Slipaway"

Previously unreleased cover songs[edit]

The following two songs, both cover versions, were initially made as backing tracks for Bebe Buell to record vocals over for her 1981 EP Covers Girl. These versions feature lead vocals by Ric Ocasek and Ben Orr, and were previously unreleased.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Ric Ocasek, except where noted.

Disc one
No. Title Original album Length
1. "Just What I Needed" The Cars 3:43
2. "My Best Friend's Girl" The Cars 3:44
3. "Good Times Roll" The Cars 3:44
4. "You're All I've Got Tonight" The Cars 4:13
5. "Don't Cha Stop" The Cars 3:01
6. "Moving in Stereo" (Greg Hawkes, Ocasek) The Cars 3:54
7. "Take Me Now" previously unreleased 4:01
8. "Cool Fool" (Elliot Easton, Ocasek) previously unreleased 2:42
9. "Let's Go" Candy-O 3:33
10. "Candy-O" Candy-O 2:36
11. "Dangerous Type" Candy-O 4:28
12. "Double Life" Candy-O 4:14
13. "Got a Lot on My Head" Candy-O 2:59
14. "It's All I Can Do" Candy-O 3:44
15. "Night Spots" (Original demo version) Candy-O 3:09
16. "Slipaway" previously unreleased 3:43
17. "That's It" B-side of "Let's Go" 3:24
18. "Panorama" Panorama 5:42
19. "Gimme Some Slack" Panorama 3:32
20. "Don't Go to Pieces" (Hawkes, Ocasek) B-side of "Don't Tell Me No" and "Gimme Some Slack" 4:03
Disc two
No. Title Original album Length
1. "Touch and Go" Panorama 4:55
2. "Don't Tell Me No" Panorama 4:00
3. "Shake It Up" Shake It Up 3:32
4. "Since You're Gone" Shake It Up 3:30
5. "I'm Not the One" Shake It Up 4:12
6. "Cruiser" Shake It Up 4:54
7. "The Little Black Egg" (Michael Stone) previously unreleased 2:54
8. "Funtime" (David Bowie, Iggy Pop) previously unreleased 3:10
9. "You Might Think" Heartbeat City 3:04
10. "Drive" Heartbeat City 3:55
11. "Magic" Heartbeat City 3:57
12. "Hello Again" Heartbeat City 3:47
13. "Why Can't I Have You" Heartbeat City 4:04
14. "Breakaway" B-side of "Why Can't I Have You" 3:47
15. "Tonight She Comes" Greatest Hits 3:52
16. "You Are the Girl" Door to Door 3:52
17. "Strap Me In" Door to Door 4:22
18. "Door to Door" Door to Door 4:22
19. "Leave or Stay" (1977 demo version) Door to Door 4:22
20. "Ta Ta Wayo Wayo" (1977 demo version) Door to Door 4:22