Just a Gigolo (1931 film)

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Just a Gigolo
A screenshot from the film
Directed by Jack Conway
Produced by Irving Thalberg
Written by Fanny Hatton
Frederic Hatton
Starring William Haines
Irene Purcell
C. Aubrey Smith
Charlotte Granville
Cinematography Oliver T. Marsh
Edited by Frank Sullivan
Release dates
  • June 6, 1931 (1931-06-06)
Running time
66 minutes
Country United States

Just a Gigolo (1931) is a romantic comedy film released by MGM. It was directed by Jack Conway, produced by Irving Thalberg and starred William Haines, Irene Purcell, C. Aubrey Smith, and Ray Milland. It was adapted from the 1930 play of the same name, which also starred Irene Purcell in the role of Roxana 'Roxy' Hartley.

The film features the song "Just a Gigolo".


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