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Just for Laughs Museum
Juste pour rire.jpg
Established 1993
Location 2111 Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Type humour
Website musee.hahaha.com/accueil.jsp

The Just for Laughs Museum was a Canadian museum dedicated to humour (mainly stand-up comedy) located in Montreal, Quebec. The museum closed at the end of 2010.[1] It had been visited by more than two million people since its opening.


Just for Laughs festival

The Just for Laughs Museum was created by Gilbert Rozon, who wanted to buy in on the success of the Just for Laughs festival. Opened in 1993, the museum is a venue for all things funny with displays, exhibitions, and a multi-functional space for the presentation of public, private or professional events. The Museum was located at 2111 Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, QC, Canada. Perhaps coincidentally, St-Laurent is the French name of Lawrence of Rome, the patron saint of comedians.

The Museum was affiliated with the Canadian Museums Association, the Canadian Heritage Information Network, and the Virtual Museum of Canada.


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