Just the Way I'm Feeling

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"Just the Way I'm Feeling"
Just The Way I'm Feeling.jpg
Single by Feeder
from the album Comfort in Sound
Released January 13, 2003
Format CD
Recorded 2002
Genre Alternative rock, post-grunge
Length 4:22
Label Echo
Songwriter(s) Grant Nicholas
Producer(s) Grant Nicholas, Gil Norton
Feeder singles chronology
"Come Back Around"
"Just the Way I'm Feeling"
"Forget About Tomorrow"
"Come Back Around"
"Just the Way I'm Feeling"
"Forget About Tomorrow"

"Just the Way I'm Feeling" is the second single to be released from Feeder's fourth album Comfort In Sound.

One of the b-sides "The Power of Love", is a Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover, and was recorded for the NME's War Child charity album "1 Love".

The song was once used on New Zealand's TV2 stingers. "Just the Way I'm Feeling" as a single release, also gave drummer Mark Richardson his first UK top 10 single appearance. When "Forget About Tomorrow" was released to radio only two months after the release of this single, it passed a total of 15,000 plays on UK national radio allowing it under current rules, to be certified for that number of plays by Nielsen via their MusicAwards scheme.

Music video[edit]

The video shows various colorized clips of 1920s-1960s movies with various shots of the band playing by day and next by night and finally by day. The man in the suit and kiss of life sequence are taken from a public information first aid film called "Don't let him die".


A lonely woman looks at the window, watching the rain. Her husband comes home from a rainy day from work. But when the woman, seeing that he's home, is about to look at him, the man runs away who finds another woman who is drowning & the man saves her. A crowd is gathered up to see the event. He saves her, but is hallucinated. The next scene shows the same woman having a dream to a city with various people (such as two men fighting, a tiger running away, etc.). Soon the dream turns into a nightmare. Soon the sky turns red, with another woman in a black swimming suit (who is amazed). Next, a clip with Harry Houdini is committed to sacrifice himself. Shortly after that, the same woman wakes up who is happy to the man is home & soon have fun together on a beach. They come to a plane which leaves home. Soon the man and woman hold hands & look at the skyline as the plane leaves. The video ends with a shot of grass & an old-style The End title appears at the screen.


The single itself charted at #10 at the end of its release week, and gained over 15,000 plays on UK radio.[1] It was also a minor hit in Europe making #34 on the Eurochart top 40. The single also helped the parent album Comfort in Sound, sell over 300,000 units in the UK enabling it to certified platinum. The record reached this required number, when follow-up "Forget About Tomorrow" was released. However, frontman Grant Nicholas once said in an interview that it was this single that helped the album become successful.[2]

"Just The Way I'm Feeling" also appeared at a peak of #41 on XFM's X-List in 2004.

Other versions of "Broken"[edit]

B-side "Broken" was remixed in 2003 by Dutch remixer Junkie XL, changing the name to "Clouds". The song was once again influenced by another artist, when in 2006 Italian singer Zucchero released an album in Italy titled "Fly" and included a track titled "L'amore è nell'aria". The track used exactly the same instrumental but was re-recorded by his band rather than sampled from Feeder's own recording. Grant Nicholas was credited with permission given by the record company nine months before the recording was made.[3]

Track listing[edit]



  1. "Just The Way I'm Feeling" - 4:22
  2. "Broken" - 3:24
  3. "The Power of Love" - 4:46



  1. "Just The Way I'm Feeling" (radio edit) - 4:03
  2. "Redemption" - 2:36
  3. "Child In You" (acoustic) - 3:25
  4. "Just The Way I'm Feeling" (video)



  1. "Just The Way I’m Feeling" (lyric screen)
  2. "Good Evening Reading" (video documentary)
  3. "Just The Way I’m Feeling" (acoustic) Photo Gallery
  4. "Insomnia" (video clip)
  5. "Yesterday Went Too Soon" (video clip)
  6. "Day In Day Out" (video clip)
  7. "Paperfaces" (video clip)

Australian Release[edit]


  1. "Just The Way I'm Feeling" - 4:22
  2. "Broken" - 3:24
  3. "The Power of Love" - 4:46
  4. "Redemption" - 2:36
  5. "Come Back Around" (acoustic) - 3:21


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