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Justice Howard
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Justice Howard (born 1960 in San Francisco, California) is an American photographer whose work includes shooting erotica, pin-up and celebrities.[1] Her work has appeared in over 50 hardcover books and in thousands of magazines including Vogue Paris, Esquire, Easyriders, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, People, In Touch Weekly, Skin Two, and a 25-page spread in Bound by Ink, as well as being displayed in over 60 art gallery exhibits and numerous museum shows.[2][3] She has also been featured in DankLook's "On Women in Black and White Fine Art Photography."[4] Her photography features themes of female empowerment, freedom, and inner strength.[2] She was previously a model before "graduating to photography"[5] and training under a master German photographer.[2] Her work has been compared to that of Annie Leibovitz and Herb Ritts.[6]

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Howard is credited as the last photographer to capture living photographs of country musician Waylon Jennings before his death in 2002.[2] The photoshoot was arranged by ex-Hells Angels President Sonny Barger, a mutual friend of both Howard and Jennings, and took place just before a performance by the singer at the New Orleans casino in Las Vegas about four months prior to his death.[2] Howard has also shot many other musicians including Dave Navarro, Marilyn Manson, Billy Idol, Willie Nelson, Steve Jones, and Dick Dale, as well as pin-up icon and cult classic actress Mamie Van Doren, then in her 70s.[2] The Lord Balfour Hotel in Miami, Florida, showcases 64 of her images in 30-foot wall murals, and has rugs designed from her photographs. Tattoo Bar in Washington DC, which while not owned by Howard, is filled with her art.[3] She was rated one of the top 20 tattoo photographers in the world by Rank My Tattoos[7] and in 2013 released a Lady Ink calendar, which has been described as the "glamour calendar with a downtown edge".[8] She has had over 20 calendars to her credit, but Lady Ink is the first one featuring only tattooed women.

Her first camera was a Pentax Spotmatic II that was very basic, followed by a Nikon camera that Howard "fell in love with".[9] She started out as primarily a fetish photographer at a time when fetish photography was not yet well known, before moving on to incorporate other styles into her work.[10] Howard's work has been described as "more modern works of art than mere photographs",[11] and is known internationally.[6] Her portfolio includes over one million images, and one of her collector-owned fine art photographs was appraised at $40,000.[11]


Howard cites Helmut Newton as a major influence of her work, a statement she has made in multiple interviews; she has also been called the "female Helmut Newton".[9][12] Additionally, she is influenced by the work of Robert Mapplethorpe and Mark Seliger.

Gallery and museum work[edit]

In 1995 Howard had her first one-woman gallery show in Los Angeles, "Black & White & Brutal", which presented her "fetish and kink-oriented imagery" to a receptive audience.[1] Since then she has had over 60 art gallery exhibitions, including a downtown LA show titled "Sharp Edges" with crime writer John Gilmore, in which all the art was stuck to the walls with custom knives.[3] An exhibition of her work titled 'Alice in Thunderland' opened in early 2011 at the World Erotic Art Museum in Florida marking a graduation of Howard's work from art galleries to museums.[13] Her work is also featured on the walls of the Lord Balfour Hotel in South Beach, Florida. Sixty-four of its rooms house Howard art, and the rooms have been decorated to match the colors in her photographs. 30-foot murals grace the rooms and some rooms showcase easel-based art within the master suites.

Anthology publications[edit]

Howard's Photography has been published in:

  • (2018) Voodoo - Conjure & Sacrifice - hardcover by Schiffer Publishing ISBN 9780764355189
  • (2017) Renegades - The Photography of Justice Howard - hardcover ISBN 978-0-7643-5224-9
  • (2017) Sonny: 60 Years Hells Angels- Sonny Barger Retrospective - Serious Publishing, France
  • (2015) Revelations - The Photography of Justice Howard - hardcover by Schiffer Publishing ISBN 9780764347986
  • (2016) My Penpal the Serial Killer Ebook
My Penpal the Serial Killer

Personal life[edit]

Howard once choreographed a show in Las Vegas that was awarded Best Number in Show after opening night review.[2] She is a supporter of the charity organization Children of the Night and provides her time teaching the children photography as well as raising money through charity shows featuring her work.[3] She works for eight fashion and lifestyle magazines both in U.S. and Europe, and she also works out of her studio in Hollywood.[2]'[14]


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