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Justice and Development Party Pakistan (Urdu: انصاف و ترقی پارٹی پاکستان) is a political platform in which every leap year party officers are elected with open voting; documented voting, results may be checked by party members at any stage.


This political party was founded by Tariq Bashir[1] at Sialkot, Pakistan on January 1, 2010, who was new in politics without having a political or aristocratic background. The founder is the Party Member but not a permanent Party leader; so other Pakistanis may be elected in intra-party Elections by showing their capabilities. The Party announced Tariq Bashir as Party Leader on April 26, 2010.

Party structure[edit]

All projects of the Justice and Development Party Pakistan are controlled by JDP Central Working Committee which is the principal executive organ of the Party. It discusses and sets overall party policies and strategies. Decisions are made by a simple majority vote. JDP Central Working Committee will have the right to set up temporary or permanent subcommittees to oversee various operating, policy and strategy aspects of the JDP's activities.

JDP Resolution 2011[edit]

SIALKOT: Justice and Development Party Pakistan has passed the resolution "JDP Resolution 2011" on November 11, 2011 presented by Founder and Party Leader of Justice and Development Party Pakistan.

1. Constitute and establish the segregation and non-dissolution of all three main departments: Judiciary, i.e. Supreme Court; Presidency, i.e. Senate; and Legislature, i.e. National Assembly so that one person can be a member of only one department at a time.
2. Constitute and establish twenty administrative units: Islamabad, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Lahore, Multan, Bahalwalpur, Sukhur, Hayderabad, Karachi, Zhob, Gwadar, Quetta, Khuzdar, Peshawar, Khyber, Swat, Abbottabad, Gilgit, and Muzaffarabad as districts of Pakistan. Establish National Assembly Halqa as Tehsil. Dissolve the administrative units of Province and Division. Establish four levels as Federation, District, Tehsil and Union Council and mostly responsibilities and powers must be at Tehsil level. Establish the federation a supervisor on all sub-governments and departments. If Jammu & Kashmir decide to be a part of Pakistan then establish Srinagar District. If Gourdaspur decide to be a part of Pakistan then it must be a part of District Sialkot.
3. Constitute and establish that Supreme Court, District Courts and Tehsil Courts shall comprise Judiciary. An honest, pious, brave person at least 35 years of age may be appointed as Judge of Tehsil Court after passing a special examination. Most Senior Judge of a Court should be appointed as Chief Justice of that Court. Tehsil Judge, Tehsil Chief Justice, District Judge, District Chief Justice, Supreme Court Judge, Supreme Court Chief Justice are six levels and at every level 5-years terms must be completed. There must be a separate account for expenses of the Judiciary. There should be twenty Judges at Supreme Court at least one Judge from each district.
4. Constitute and establish that all State income shall be collected in Tehsil revenue account and shall be divided & collected in consolidated account of Federation, District and Tehsil accordingly. In July of every year, income from consolidated accounts shall be divided & transferred to Current accounts of Judiciary, Presidency and Legislature respectively, which shall be reserved for whole year expenses, Money cannot be withdrawn from Revenue & Consolidated account in the current year. It is the duty of Federation to collect State income.
5. Constitute and establish the way of election open voting instead of secret ballot voting. Two members from each Union Council shall comprise Legislature. Two members from each Tehsil shall comprise Senate. President of Pakistan as head of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and head of Government of Pakistan shall be elected by direct open vote of people of Pakistan.
6. Constitute and establish twenty Government Departments: Defense, National Finance, Scientific Technology, Commerce & Industry, Food Agriculture & Livestock, Natural Resources, Health, Education, Communication, Police & Rangers, Energy & Supply, Information & Broadcasting, Highways Construction & Drainage, Interior Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Justice & Human Rights, Sports & Culture, Registration & Postal Services, Religious Affairs, and Commission. It must be prohibited to make, change, dissolve any federal department after its forming.
7. Constitute and establish that Twenty Federal Ministers, Twenty Chief of Government Departments, Twenty Governors of Districts, and President of Pakistan (total-61) shall comprise National Security Council as Federation. Persons are prohibited from holding two offices or positions. Decision shall be taken by third-fourth voting. All members of National Security Council must be Muslim.
8. Constitute and establish the formation of Muslim United States on the basis of National Security Council comprise as Federation as Pakistan with the other Islamic Countries. Struggle to vanish veto power of UN’s Security Council $ decision taken by third-fourth voting enabling developing and no-developing countries may also take part in the decision taken by UN’s Security Council.
9. Constitute and establish that in the first stage minimum one factory shall be established in every Districts, in the second stage minimum one factory shall be established in every Tehsil, and in the third stage minimum one factory shall be established in every Union Council of Pakistan. Further, products manufactured in one union council shall be easily available throughout Pakistan in every union council to end unemployment and enabling Pakistan a developed country.
10. Constitute and establish that rivers of Pakistan shall be joined in such a way that water runs without stay but its speed of flow reduced as much as can, produce electricity by water on each joining, permit the private electricity production, and availability of river water for agriculture. It must be a goal that small ships may reach at Sialkot or even Lahore enabling to increase the exports and to end the electricity load-shedding.Kalabagh dam must be completed on urgent basis.
11. Constitute and establish the prices of all necessary commodities including utility bills shall be unchangeable for one year enabling to stop the inflation. Further, availability of stock is compulsory of all necessary commodities for minimum three years in each Tehsil prior to export enabling to end the various crises. It is right of injured or sick person to save his/her life by first aid treatment. It is right of a poor person to get help by feeding, clothing, educating, dwelling, wedding, and/or by employing.
12. Constitute and establish the reduction and prohibition of Public Debt and Lend. Finish all those national policies by which money transfer to broad automatically. Ban on export of raw material, scrap, expensive and rare products. Prohibit the positions of all unnecessary positions in all government departments. Decrease the officers but increase the workers. Prohibit all unnecessary foreign tours and try to get work by instructing ambassadors. Prohibit quota of getting loans of all persons including Civil, Government officers, Public officers, Military officers etc. in every field.
13. Constitute and establish all Government and Independent Government departments on the basis of same hierarchical method, same privileges, and same pensions on equity basis according to responsibilities, one person for a job and never two. Both persons, Chief and Minister of every Department shall be responsible for the activities of department and shall present a performance report before people of Pakistan half-yearly. If two third targets thrice or one half targets twice or one third target once not completed, both responsible persons shall be resigned from the position.
14. Constitute and establish that Health care, teaching and technical education shall be totally free for all. Education must be available in Urdu, English and Arabic. Every department shall have a writer section which shall be responsible to prepare books & syllabus for every class. In Matriculation subjects of every department shall be taught enabling a student get decided in which subject he/she shall get higher education. Matriculation must be compulsory for all Pakistani persons. Summer and winter holidays must decrease to 15days and week holiday must be Friday instead of Sunday.

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