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Justin Davidson (born in Rome, Italy, in 1966) is a classical music and architecture critic. In 1983, he graduated from the American Overseas School of Rome, where his mother was an English teacher.[1] Davidson began his journalism career as a local stringer for the Associated Press in Rome before moving to the United States to study music at Harvard. He went on to earn a doctorate degree at Columbia University, where he also taught.[2]

A composer as well as a music critic, Davidson became a staff writer for the Long Island newspaper Newsday in 1996, where he also wrote about architecture. In 2002, he won the Pulitzer Prize in criticism[3] for "his crisp coverage of classical music that captures its essence."[4] In September 2007, he was hired by New York magazine, where he continues on both beats.

Davidson took part at the faculty of D-Crit.

He is married to Ariella Budick, the New York-based art critic for the Financial Times.


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