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Justin Girod-Chantrans (26 September 1750, Besançon – 1 April 1841, Besançon) was a French naturalist known for his pioneer research in the field of phycology.

Following studies with the Jesuits, he entered the Ecole du Génie militaire in 1768. Several years later, he attained the title of captain (1777), subsequently serving at different military posts (including Saint-Domingue) until 1791. Around 1786, he developed an interest in natural history.

In 1799 he founded the Société d'agriculture, commerce et arts in Besançon. He then became involved in politics, being elected to the legislature in 1802. Beginning in 1810, he devoted all his time and energy to natural sciences.

He described a number of phycological species; Haematococcus lacustris, Volvox lacustris and Conferva mammiformis being a few examples.[1]

Principal works[edit]

  • Voyage d'un Suisse dans différentes colonies d'Amérique pendant la dernière guerre, : avec une table d'observations météorologiques faites à Saint-Domingue. (1785) - Voyage to different American colonies during the last war, with a meteorological table made at Saint Domingue.[2]
  • Recherches chimiques et microscopiques sur les conferves, bisses, tremelles, etc. (1802) - Chemical and microscopic research of Tremella, etc.[3]
  • Essai sur la géographie physique, le climat et l'histoire naturelle du département du Doubs (1810) - Essay on the physical geography, climate and natural history of the département Doubs.


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