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Justin Louis Raisen
Background information
Birth nameJustin Louis Raisen
BornMiami, Florida, United States
Occupation(s)Producer, Songwriter
Associated actsYves Tumor, Angel Olsen, Sky Ferreira, Kim Gordon, John Cale, Lawrence Rothman, Charli XCX, Ariel Pink, Santigold

Justin Louis Raisen is an American record producer, songwriter, mixer, and multi-instrumentalist. He has worked with notable artists such as Yves Tumor, Angel Olsen, Sky Ferreira, Kim Gordon, John Cale, Ariel Pink, Lawrence Rothman, Charli XCX, Marissa Nadler, Santigold, Billy Corgan, Miya Folick, Michael Stipe, & Sunflower Bean.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Raisen, a native of Massapequa, NY, now resides in Los Angeles, California. “It’s this alchemy—West Coast free-spiritedness and a no-bullsh*t New York Edge—that makes Raisen magnetic…He is eccentric and electric, prone to spirited stream-of-consciousness monologues such as the conspiracy of radio, ’70s Krautrock, and the virtues of golfing. Methods he uses in recording include Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategies” deck, the “power of manifestation,” and using the Self Realization Fellowship near his home in L.A.” -Pitchfork[2]

Raisen has his own specific vision: “we’re addicted to being told what we want. Which is why I need to talk to the artists about their lives. Ask them what’s wrong. I’m trying to X-Ray the whole situation. I’m really keen to find out what a person has gone through, their philosophy on life, & how they feel about the modern world. Then I say ’we’re going to capture this moment in time, and it’s going to spin on until time ends’.”[2]

His affinity for live musicianship is shown by his collaborations with the likes of Jim Keltner, Pino Paladino, Patty Schemel, Duff McKagan, Joey Warnoker, Stella Mozgawa, Victor Indrizzo, Nick Zinner, Jenny Lee, Justin Meldal-Johnson, Eva Gardner, Dennis Hamm, and many more.

Some of Raisen’s notable credits include Sky Ferreira’s “Night Time My Time” (2013), Angel Olsen’s “My Woman” (2016),[3] Lawrence Rothman’s “The Book of Law” (2017), and Yves Tumor's “Safe in the Hands of Love” (2018), which received best new music & a score of 9.1 from Pitchfork.[4]

His upcoming releases include Miya Folick’s debut LP “Premontions” & Marissa Nadler’s “For My Crimes.”

In 2019 the L.A. Producer launched his own record label KRO Records releasing never before released tracks from River Phoenix's Aleka's Attic along with a single from Rain Phoenix feat. Michael Stipe. A week later the label dropped a Double A-Side single by Marissa Nadler feat. John Cale of The Velvet Underground.[5]

In October 2019, Justin and his brother Jeremiah accused rapper Lizzo of plagiarizing an unreleased demo of theirs on her track "Truth Hurts".[6]

Producer and songwriter discography[edit]


Song Title Artist Album Credits Label Collaborators
"What Do You Like In Me" Nasty Cherry I'm With The Band: Nasty Cherry Netflix Soundtrack Producer, Writer VROOM VROOM
"Live Forever"
"Music With Your Dad" Gabriella Bechtel, Chloe Chaidez, Deborah Knox-Hewson, Georgia Somary, Blu De Tiger
"Cookie Butter" Kim Gordon No Home Record Mixer Matador Kim Gordon, Shawn Everett
"Paprika Pony" Producer, Writer, Mixer Kim Gordon, Jeremiah Raisen
"Sketch Artist" Kim Gordon
"Hungry Baby"
"Air Bnb"
"Get Your Life Back Yoga"
"12 Years Old" Producer, Mixer
"Ow" Kills Birds Kills Birds Producer, Writer KRO Records Nina Ljeti, Jacob Loeb, Fielder Thomas, Bosh Rothman
"Win" Nasty Cherry Win Producer, Writer, Engineer VROOM VROOM Charli XCX, Gabby Bechtel, Chloe Chaidez, Georgia Somary, Debbie Knox-Hewson, Yves Rothman
"Poison" feat. John Cale Marissa Nadler "Poison" Producer, Engineer KRO Records Marissa Nadler, John Cale
"If We Make It Through The Summer"
"Time is The Killer" feat. Michael Stipe Rain Phoenix Time Gone Producer, Mixer KRO Records Rain Phoenix, Michael Stipe, Kirk Hellie
"King of The Dudes" Sunflower Bean King of The Dudes EP Producer, Writer, Engineer, Mixer Mom & Pop Sunflower Bean
"Come For Me"
"Fear City"
"The Big One"
"Malibu Barbie" Miya Folick Malibu Barbie Producer, Engineer, Writer Interscope Records
"Sanctuary" Joji Sanctuary Producer, Writer 88rising, 12Tone Music Joji, Luke Niccoli, Daniel Wilson


Song Title Artist Album Credits Label Collaborators
"Faith In Nothing Except Salvation" Yves Tumor Safe in the Hands of Love Producer, Engineer Warp Records Yves Tumor
"Economy of Freedom"
"Licking an Orchid (feat. James K) Yves Tumor, James K
"Lifetime" Yves Tumor
"Hope In Suffering" Yves Tumor, Oxhy, Puce Mary
"Recognizing the Enemy" Yves Tumor
"Let the Lioness in You Flow Freely"
"I Can't Listen to Gene Clark Anymore (with Sharon Van Etten)" Marissa Nadler For My Crimes Producer Sacred Bones Lawrence Rothman, Marissa Nadler, Sharon Van Etten
"Blue Vapor (with Kristin Kontrol)" Lawrence Rothman, Marissa Nadler, Kristin Kontrol, Patty Schemel
"For My Crimes (with Angel Olsen)" Lawrence Rothman, Marissa Nadler, Angel Olsen
"Peer Pressure" L Devine Peer Pressure Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Warner Bros Records UK Sad Pony, Yves Rothman, L Devine
"Thingamajig" Miya Folick Premonitions Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Interscope Records Yves Rothman, Luke Niccoli, Miya Folick
"Cost Your Love"
"Stock Image"
"Leave The Party"
"Stop Talking"
"Freak Out"
"Baby Girl"
"What We've Made"
"Decade" Lawrence Rothman Single Writer Downtown Records Lawrence Rothman
"Cruelty of Nature" Doe Paoro Soft Power Writer Anti- Doe Paoro
"Come For Me" Sunflower Bean Single Producer, Writer, Mixer Mom + Pop Sunflower Bean


Song Title Artist Album Credits Label Collaborators
"Fly On Your Wall" Angel Olsen Phases Producer, Engineer Jagjaguwar Angel Olsen
"Descend" Lawrence Rothman The Book of Law Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Interscope Records Lawrence Rothman, Yves Rothman, Sad Pony
"Wolves Still Cry" Lawrence Rothman, Yves Rothman, Daniel Riordan, Johnnie Newman
"Shout" Lawrence Rothman, Yves Rothman, Johnnie Newman
"Stand By" Lawrence Rothman, Yves Rothman, Sad Pony, Johnnie Newman
"Jordan (feat. Kristin Kontrol)" Lawrence Rothman, Yves Rothman, Kristin Kontrol
"Geek" Lawrence Rothman, Yves Rothman
"Die Daily" Lawrence Rothman, Soko
"Walking My Tears Across Manhattan" Lawrence Rothman, Yves Rothman
"California Paranoia (feat. Angel Olsen)" Lawrence Rothman, Angel Olsen
"Ain't Afraid of Dying (feat. Marissa Nadler)" Lawrence Rothman, Marissa Nadler


Song Title Artist Album Credits Label Collaborators
"Murdered Out" Kim Gordon Murdered Out Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Matador Kim Gordon, Stella Mozgowa
"Intern" Angel Olsen My Woman Producer, Engineer, Musician Jagjaguwar Angel Olsen
"Never Be Mine"
"Shut Up Kiss Me" Producer, Engineer
"Give It Up"
"Not Gonna Kill You"
"Heart Shaped Face"
"Those Were the Days"
"Who I Thought You Were" Santigold 99¢ Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Atlantic Records Sad Pony, Santigold
"H" Lawrence Rothman Single Executive Producer, Producer, Engineer, Musician Downtown Records Sad Pony, Lawrence Rothman, Yves Rothman
"Designer Babies (feat. Kim Gordon)" Single Lawrence Rothman, Kim Gordon, Angel Olsen, Nick Zinner, Active Child


Song Title Artist Album Credits Label Collaborators
"Users" Lawrence Rothman Users Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Downtown Records Lawrence Rothman, Yves Rothman
"Oz Vs. Eden"


Song Title Artist Album Credits Label Collaborators
"Picture Me Gone" Ariel Pink Pom Pom Writer 4AD Ariel Pink, Mary Raisen
"Sexual Athletics" Guitar, Optigan, Musician Ariel Pink, Shags Chamberlain, Kim Fowley
"Sucker" Charli XCX SUCKER Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Asylum Records UK Charli XCX, Sad Pony
"London Queen" Charli XCX, Sad Pony, Remi Nicole
"Hanging Around" Charli XCX, Sad Pony, Rivers Cuomo
"Glimpse" The Garden "Glimpse 7"" Producer, Engineer Big Love Records Ariel Pink, Raw Deal
"Crystal Clear"
"Open Abyss"
"Lana Del Rey" Jerry James Lana Del Rey Producer, Engineer Independent Ariel Pink, Raw Deal, Sad Pony


Song Title Artist Album Credits Label Collaborators
"Boys" Sky Ferreira Night Time, My Time Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Capitol Records Ariel Rechtshaid, Sky Ferreira
"Ain't Your Right" Ariel Rechtshaid, Jordan Benik, Sky Ferreira
"24 Hours" Ariel Rechtshaid, Sky Ferreira
"Nobody Asked If I Was Okay" Sky Ferreira
"I Blame Myself" Producer, Writer, Mixer, Engineer, Musician Dan Nigro, Sky Ferreira
"Omanko" Sky Ferreira
"You're Not The One" Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Ariel Rechtshaid, Dan Nigro, Sky Ferreira
"Heavy Metal Heart" Sky Ferreira
"I Will" Dan Nigro, Ariel Rechtshaid, Sky Ferreira
"Love In Stereo" Ariel Rechtshaid, Sad Pony, Dan Nigro, Sky Ferreira
"Night Time, My Time" Sky Ferreira
"I Can't Say No To Myself" Sky Ferreira Night Time, My Time B-Sides Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Capitol Records Jordan Benik, Sad Pony, Ariel Rechtshaid, Sky Ferreira
"My Molly" Sky Ferreira x Ariel Pink My Molly 2.0 Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician Independent Ariel Pink, Raw Deal, Sky Ferreira
"Nuclear Seasons" Charli XCX True Romance Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician IAMSOUND Records Ariel Rechtshaid, Charli XCX
"Take My Hand"
"Stay Away"
"Black Roses"
"How Can I"
"Lock You Up"


Song Title Artist Album Credits Label Collaborators
"Lost in My Bedroom" Sky Ferreira Ghost EP Producer, Writer, Musician Capitol Records Ariel Rechtshaid, Daniel Nigro, Sky Ferreira


Song Title Artist Album Credits Label Collaborators
"Why Even Try (feat. Sarah Quin)" Theophilus London Timez Are Weird These Days Writer/Musician Reprise Records Ariel Rechtshaid, Sara Quin, Theophilus London
"Strange Love" Lovers Holiday Writer Warner Bros Records Ariel Rechtshaid, Theophilus London


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