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Justin Somper
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Justin Somper is the British author of the Vampirates and the Allies & Assassins children's novel series.


He was born in St Albans and graduated from the University of Warwick.[1] He worked as a publicist before starting his writing career. He wrote six books in the Vampirates series. He then wrote two books in a series called Allies and Assassins (though there was no conclusion to the series and he is not intending to write any further entries to the series).


Vampirates series[edit]

  1. Demons of the Ocean (2005)
  2. Tide of Terror (2006)
  3. Blood Captain (2008)
  4. Black Heart (2009)
  5. Empire of Night (2010)
  6. Immortal War (2011)

Further, Dead Deep (2007) is a short story created for World Book Day 2007. It is available online.[2]

Enemies of the Prince series[edit]

  1. Allies & Assassins (2013)
  2. A Conspiracy of Princes (2015)


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