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Justina Vail Evans
Justina Vail Evans MCC CHt.png
Justina Vail

(1963-08-20) 20 August 1963 (age 56)
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, U.S.
EducationCanterbury College of Art
OccupationActress, life coach
Years active1984 - 2010
Spouse(s)Jeff Evans, Ph.D

Justina Vail Evans (née Vail, previously credited as Justina Vail) (born 20 August 1963) is a British actress, life coach, author and hypnotherapist.[1]

Early life[edit]

Vail Evans was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1963 to British parents. She moved to Hong Kong in 1971 and to England in 1975 where she attended Beechwood Sacred Heart School and the Kent Institute of Art & Design (formerly Canterbury College of Art) to study fine art. She acquired her first acting role in Hong Kong where a British television show was filming.[2]


Vail Evans is co-owner and Director of Training at Envision Coach Training, an executive coach training program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).[3] She is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) and provides life coaching, executive coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP in her private practice. [4]

Vail Evans retired as an actor in 2001 in order to pursue her current career. Her most notable acting role was as a Russian scientist Dr. Olga Vukavitch in the late 1990s and early 2000s UPN science fiction television series Seven Days. Vail received positive reviews for her performance on the show.[5] In 2000, she won a Saturn Award for best supporting actress, winning out over Stargate SG-1's Amanda Tapping.[6] In 2001, however, there were reports of dissatisfaction on set. Co-star Don Franklin expressed his dissatisfaction with the show,[7] and Vail was reported to have left the show entirely[8] (according to some show sources over a dispute with Seven Days co-star Jonathan LaPaglia[9]), only to later return and finish the third season.[7]

Vail Evans also guest-starred in an episode of Highlander: The Series. The episode (along with several others like it) were attempts to pilot female immortal leads for the short-lived Highlander: The Raven. Reviews of the episode were mixed, offering criticism of Vail's character but not her performance. Ultimately, Vail's character was not the one chosen for the new show.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Vail Evans is married to Dr. Jeff Evans, CEO of Envision Global Leadership, best-selling author, and creator of the LeaderNAVTM and LMR assessments. [11] Vail Evans is also an author. She has been a recurring columnist for Backstage magazine,[12] and in 2012 she published her book How to be a Happy Actor in a Challenging Business: A Guide to Thriving Through it All. [13] It was awarded the top prize of the "How To" category for the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival.[14]


Year Title Role Notes
1990 Yellowthread Street Caroline (TV series, 1 episode: "Slicing the Dragon")
1990 Shadow of China Caroline
1991 Super Force Hostess (TV series, 1 episode: "Come Under the Way: Part 2")
1991 The Adventures of Superboy Dr. Winger's Assistant (TV series, 2 episodes)
1991 The Commish Anna Trentino (TV series, 1 episode: "Sleep of the Just")
1992 The Adventures of Superboy Dr. Odessa Vexman (TV series, 2 episodes)
1993 Journey to the Center of the Earth Devin Television movie
1994 The X-Files The Unholy Spirit (TV series, 1 episode: "3")
1995 Marker Irina (TV series, 1 episode: "From Russia Without Love")
1996 Naked Souls Amelia
1996 Seinfeld Amanda (TV series, 1 episode: "The Bizarro Jerry")
1996 Carnosaur 3: Primal Species Proudfoot
1996 Jerry Maguire Former Girlfriend
1997 Pacific Blue Maggie Garrity (TV series, 1 episode: "Runaway")
1997 Highlander: The Series Katya (TV series, 1 episode: "Justice")
1997 Suddenly Susan Gina (TV series, 1 episode: "Where the Wild Things Aren't")
1997 Kiss the Girls Beautiful Girl
1998 Conan Zotana (TV series, 1 episode: "The Crystal Arrow")
1998-2001 Seven Days Dr. Olga Vukovitch (TV series, 66 episodes)
Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television
2009 General Hospital Dr. Ingrid Hensen (TV series, 6 episodes)
2010 Cold Case Zelda Panay '71 (TV series, 1 episode: "Metamorphosis")


  • How to Be a Happy Actor in a Challenging Business: A Guide to Thriving Through It All, CreateSpace, 2012, ISBN 978-1-47752-221-9


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