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Justus ǁGaroëb[1] (born 16 December 1942[2]) is a Namibian Traditional authority and politician. He became Chief of Damara in 1982 and founded the United Democratic Front (UDF) in 1989. He was a staunch opponent of South African rule and led the oppositional Namibia National Front in the late 1970s.

ǁGaroëb was born in Omaruru, Erongo Region. In 1982, he became the Paramount Chief and Acting King of the Damara, and he has been King of the Damara since 1994. He has also been the President of the UDF since 1989.[2] Immediately prior to independence, he was a UDF member of the Constituent Assembly, which was in place from November 1989 to March 1990,[3] and he has been a member of the National Assembly since 1990.[2]

He has stood for the presidency on three occasions. In 1999, he placed fourth with 3.02% of the vote, in 2004 he placed fifth with 3.83% of the vote, and in 2009 he placed 5th with 2.37%.[4] In Kunene Region, he received 22.5% of the vote, including winning the most the votes in Khorixas Constituency[5] and Sesfontein Constituency.[6]


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