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Kerstis Karin Olsdotter 1909.jpg
Swedish robber and accessory to murder Kerstis Karin Olsdotter ("Jutta") at her arrest in 1909
Pronunciation Yutta
Language(s) German
Meaning "Mankind, child, descendant"
Other names
Variant form(s) Judith, Eutha, Henrietta

The feminine name Jutta is a German form of Judith. In German it is pronounced Yutta—the u is pronounced like the u in "put."[needs IPA]

It could also derive from the Germanic name Eutha, meaning "mankind, child, descendant", or from a short form of Henrietta.[1]

In Yiddish the name is pronounced Yitty[2] - in accordance with Galicia Yiddish pronunciation where the u is pronounced as an i.[dubious ]



Further reading[edit]

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