Jutta Müller

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Jutta Müller
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-C0110-0014-002, Gabriele Seyfert.jpg
Jutta Müller and her daughter, Gabriele Seyfert, in January 1964
Personal information
Alternative names Jutta Lötzsch
Country represented East Germany
Born (1928-12-13) 13 December 1928 (age 88)
Chemnitz, Saxony
Former partner Irene Salzmann

Jutta Müller (born Jutta Lötzsch, 13 December 1928)[1] is a German former figure skater and one of the most successful figure skating coaches worldwide.

Personal life[edit]

Jutta Lötzsch was born to Marie Lötzsch (née Prusky) and Emil Lötzsch, the 1930 Saxony champion in wrestling. Her first marriage was to Wolfgang Seyfert. They had a daughter, Gabriele Seyfert, before divorcing. Her second husband was Bringfried Müller, an East German soccer player.


Jutta Müller with Katarina Witt (1988)
Jutta Müller, Katarina Witt, Simone Lang and Constanze Gensel in Karl-Marx-Stadt (1984)

In 1949, Müller won the East German Championships in women's pair skating with partner Irene Salzmann. This category was created due to the lack of men in Germany after World War II. In 1953, she won the ladies' singles bronze medal at the East German nationals.

After World War II, Müller became a teacher of German and sports.[1] In 1946, she became a member of the SED, the former East German communist party. She studied at the Deutsche Hochschule für Körperkultur in Leipzig and in 1955 she began coaching figure skating.[1]

Müller's first student was her own daughter Gabriele Seyfert, who twice won the World Championships (1969 and 1970). She also coached Günter Zöller, Jan Hoffmann, Sonja Morgenstern, Anett Pötzsch, Katarina Witt, Evelyn Großmann, Constanze Gensel, and Simone Lang. Altogether, her students won three Olympic gold medals and ten world champion titles. In comparison, Carlo Fassi's students won four Olympic gold medals and eight world champion titles.

In 2004, Müller was admitted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.


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