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Kuroda&Kaminoda Jutte.jpg
Kuroda Ichitaro and Kaminoda Tsunemori of Shintō Musō-ryū performing Ikkaku-ryū juttejutsu
Focus Weaponry (jitte)
Hardness non-competitive
Country of origin Japan Japan
Creator unknown
Parenthood historic
Olympic sport no

Jittejutsu (十手術) is the Japanese martial art of using the Japanese weapon jitte (also known as jutte in English-language sources). Jittejutsu was evolved mainly for the law enforcement officers of the Edo period to enable non-lethal disarmament and apprehension of criminals who were usually carrying a sword. Besides the use of striking an assailant on the head, wrists, hands and arms like that of a baton, the jitte can also be used for blocking, deflecting and grappling a sword in the hands of a skilled user.

There are several schools of jittejutsu today and various jitte influences and techniques are featured in several martial arts.

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