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For the 2005 album by Circa Survive, see Juturna (album).
Temple of Juturna in Largo di Torre Argentina, Rome.

In the myth and religion of ancient Rome, Juturna was a goddess of fountains, wells and springs. She was a sister of Turnus and supported him against Aeneas by giving him his sword after he dropped it in battle, as well as taking him away from the battle when it seemed he would be killed. She was also the mother of Fontus by Janus.

Jupiter turned her into a water nymph- a Naiad - and gave her a sacred well in Lavinium, Latium, as well as another one near the temple to Vesta in the Forum Romanum. The pool next to the second well was called Lacus Juturnae. Juturna is said to have had an affair with Jupiter but the secret was betrayed by another nymph, Larunda, whom Jupiter struck with muteness as punishment.

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