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Metropolitan Juvenaly

Metropolitan Juvenaly of Krutitsy and Kolomna (Russian: Ювеналий, митрополит Крутицкий и Коломенский; born Vladimir Kirillovich Poyarkov (Russian: Владимир Кириллович Поярков); September 22, 1935) is a hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. The metropolitans of Krutitsy (previously, Sarsky[1]) have traditionally served as auxiliary bishops to the Patriarchs of Moscow,[2] but with a special elevated status making them equal to a ruling diocesan bishop (Russian: Патриарший наместник) for the countryside part (the Moscow Region) of the Moscow diocese.


Juvenaly was born in Yaroslavl on September 22, 1935. He entered the Leningrad Spiritual Academy in 1953, completing his studies there in 1957. He was tonsured a monk two years later and named hierodeacon of the Prince Vladimir Church in Leningrad that same year. He was ordained to the priesthood on January 1, 1960. He was named hegumen in 1962 and archimandrite the following year. He was chosen as Vicarial Bishop of Zaraysk, vicar to the Moscow Eparchy, in November 1965. He was consecrated on December 25, 1965 in the Trinity Church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in Leningrad. In 1969 he was made Bishop of Tula and assistant of the Russian Orthodox Churches department of External Relations. He was elevated to the archbishop dignity in 1971 and to the metropolitan dignity the following year. He was made Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomna in 1977.[2]


  1. ^ The title derived from the Golden Horde capital's name Sarai where Russian captives resided, for whose pastoral care the see was founded
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