Juvenile Liaison

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Juvenile Liaison
Directed by Nick Broomfield
Country United Kingdom

Juvenile Liaison 1 (1975) and Juvenile Liaison 2 (1990) are documentary films by Nick Broomfield about a juvenile liaison project in Blackburn, Lancashire. The first film examines a series of children and their run-ins with the law, over minor wrongdoings such as apple theft. The second film revisits some of the characters from the first, in some sort of attempt to measure the success of the scheme.

After its production, the first film was banned by the BFI for many years; Juvenile Liaison 1 revolved mainly around the activities of Sergeant Ray, whose preventative measures when dealing with young trouble makers fell mainly in the strong-arm category of approach. In Juvenile Liaison 2 Ray is contacted by phone but declines to make an appearance, hinting at misrepresentation and possible damage to his career.

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