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Jyllands-Ringen (Denmark) track map.svg
Map of the track
LocationSilkeborg (Resenbro), Denmark
Coordinates56°10′32″N 9°39′39″E / 56.17556°N 9.66083°E / 56.17556; 9.66083Coordinates: 56°10′32″N 9°39′39″E / 56.17556°N 9.66083°E / 56.17556; 9.66083
FIA Grade4
Major eventsSTCC
Length2.300 km (1.429 mi)
Race lap record1:04.3 (Casper Pilgaard, Formula 4, 2018)

FDM Jyllands-Ringen is a motor racing circuit in Resenbro, near Silkeborg in Denmark. The circuit was extended from 1.475 kilometers to 2.3 kilometers in 2003, by linking the track to an adjacent oval circuit. Jyllands-Ringen hosts regular rounds of the Danish Touringcar Championship.[1]

This was the home of the so-called Danish Grand Prix in 1968, 1969 and 1970 the races were for Sports Prototypes and Sports GT cars. The 1968 and 1969 Danish Grand Prix were both won by Barrie Smith in a Chevron B8 Ford. A Ford twin cam engine car in 1968 and a Cosworth FVA engine car in 1969.


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