Jyothi (1976 film)

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Directed by K. Raghavendra Rao
Produced by Kranthi Kumar
Written by Satyanand
Based on Novel Mamatala kovela
by C. Ananda Rao
Starring Murali Mohan
Chaya Devi
Rao Gopala Rao
J.V. Somayajulu
Krishna Kumari
Music by K. Chakravarthy
Cinematography A. Vincent
Edited by V. Ankireddy
Release date
  • 4 June 1976 (1976-06-04) (India)
Country India
Language Telugu

Jyothi (Telugu: జ్యోతి) is a 1976 Telugu film directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. It is based on the story of an innocent girl "Jyothi." Jayasudha won the Nandi award as Best Actress for her performance in the title role. She later credited the film's success for making her a famous actress in Telugu films. It is a remake of the Hindi film Mili (1975) starring Jaya Bhaduri.[1] though the storyline is completely different from the original except for the heroine suffering from a deadly disease.


Jyothi (Jayasudha), a teenage girl who is in love with Ravi (Murali Mohan), suddenly marries Rajayya (Gummadi Venkateswara Rao), an old man who is about her father's age. Everyone thinks she married him for the old man's property that she inherits after the marriage, but truth is different. The secret behind this unexpected marriage forms the rest of the gripping family story.



All lyrics written by Aatreya; all music composed by K. Chakravarthy.

No. Title Playback Length
1. "Edu Kondala Paina Ela Velisavo" P. Susheela  
2. "First Time Idi Neeku Best Time" P. Susheela  
3. "Neeku naaku pellanta" S. P. Balasubramanyam, P. Susheela  
4. "Sirimalle Puvvalle Navvu, Chinnari Papalle Navvu" S. P. Balasubramanyam, S. Janaki  



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