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Jyrki 69
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Background information
Birth nameJyrki Pekka Emil Linnankivi
Also known asJ. Darling
Born(1968-10-15)October 15, 1968,
Helsinki, Finland
GenresGothic rock, Glam rock, Rock and roll, Hard rock, Rockabilly, Glam metal (early)
Occupation(s)Musician, vocalist, songwriter
Years active1989–present
LabelsCleopatra Records[1], Virgin Records
The End Records (United States)
Associated actsThe 69 Eyes, The 69 Cats, Andy McCoy, Ville Valo, Bam Margera, Maryslim
WebsiteThe 69 Eyes Official website

Jyrki 69 (born Jyrki Pekka Emil Linnankivi on October 15, 1968[2]), is the lead vocalist for Finnish rock band The 69 Eyes. In their early years, the band's sound was more closer to glam metal, but since the album Blessed Be they have shifted into gothic rock.[3] The 69 Eyes prefer to label their sound as goth'n'roll.[3]

Jyrki's low and operatic bass-baritone vocal tone is reminiscent of fellow musicians Peter Steele of the gothic metal band Type O Negative and Andrew Eldritch of the gothic rock band The Sisters of Mercy (he covered their 1987 hit This Corrosion with Maryslim in 2007).[4] His voice has been influenced by Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and Glenn Danzig. He has written most of the lyrics of their songs.[3]

Other activities[edit]

He is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Finland and also has a M.Sc. degree in analytical chemistry.[5]

In 2005 and 2006 he spent time in Kenya as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and in November was honoured with a TOYP award by Junior Chamber International (JCI) in Seoul, South Korea.[6]

In October 2013, Jyrki joined forces with Danny B. Harvey and Chopper Franklin to form the rockabilly group The 69 Cats. The group released their debut album Transylvania Tapes on August 5, 2014.


  • Jyrki has a master's degree in analytical chemistry.
  • Is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador of Finland. He is currently helping to campaign against child trafficking and sexual exploitation in parts of West Africa and HIV-AIDS situation in Kenya.[5]
  • He is also known to be friends with Bam Margera - who directed the video for Lost Boys - and Ville Valo, the lead singer of HIM who portrays Jim Morrison in The 69 Eyes' video Wasting the Dawn
  • Draws and reads comics. Specialized in Marvel Comics. A comic book called Zombie Love, featuring only Jyrki's comics, was published in Finland in 2006. It was a limited hard cover edition of 1000 and all the copies were numbered by Jyrki. No 666 was given to Glenn Danzig. A paperback edition is still available from the publisher Deggael Communications[7]
  • He was awarded The Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) in Seoul, South Korea in November 2006.[8]
  • Maryslim's album A Perfect Mess (2007) Appearance in the track and its video for The Sisters Of Mercy cover 'This Corrosion'.[4]
  • In 2002 Jyrki appeared on Kwan's album The Die is Cast in the track "Lyrics Of Poison".[9]
  • Jyrki appeared on the Fox News late night television show Red Eye on October 19, 2009 to promote his new album.[10]
  • Jyrki appeared also on the CNN's BackStory on October 30, 2009 to talk about Halloween and The 69 Eyes.[11]
  • He's been vegan since 2014.[12]

Recording history[edit]


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