Kʼinich Kʼan Joy Chitam II

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Kʼinich Kʼan Joy Chitam II
Ajaw of Palenque
K'inich K'an Joy Chitam II.svg
Kʼinich Kʼan Joy Chitam II's glyph
ReignMay 28, 702 ( – 711/721?
BornOctober 31, 644 (
FatherKʼinich Janaab Pakal I
MotherLady Tzʼakbu Ajaw
ReligionMaya religion

Kʼinich Kʼan Joy Chitam II,[N 1] also known as Kan Xul II and Kʼan Hokʼ Chitam On II, October 31, 644 – c.721, was an ajaw of the Maya city of Palenque. He took the throne on May 28, 702 (, reigning until c.721.[N 2][1] He succeeded his elder brother Kʼinich Kan Bahlam II. Their father was Kʼinich Janaab Pakal I ("Pacal the Great"), who had ruled for 68 years, and their mother was Lady Tzʼakbu Ajaw. His possible brother could be Tiwol Chan Mat.[2] Kʼinich Kʼan Joy Chitam apparently reigned for about nine years. He was captured by the Toniná in 711 and was possibly executed by their leader, Kʼinich Baaknal Chaak or was later restored to his kingship. He was succeeded in late 721 by Kʼinich Ahkal Moʼ Nahb III.[3][2]


  1. ^ The ruler's name, when transcribed is KʼINICH KʼAN-na-JOY[CHITAM]-ma, translated "Precious/Yellow Tied Peccary".
  2. ^ These are the dates indicated on the Maya inscriptions in Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, Born: 11 Ahaw 8 Mak and Acceded: 5 Lamat 6 Xul.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Kʼinich Kan Bahlam II
Ajaw of Palenque
May 30, 702–711
Succeeded by
Kʼinich Ahkal Moʼ Nahb III