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Kalman (קלמן in Yiddish and Hebrew, occasionally spelled Calman in Roman letters) is a Yiddish given name that is a short form of the Greeco-Jewish name Kalonymos (קלונימוס, meaning "beautiful name", a reference to a miracle worked in God's name). Sometimes the long form and short forms are used together, as in the compound name Kalman Kalonymos.

Kálmán is an also an ancient Germanic origin Hungarian surname and male given name. Outside Hungary, the name occurs sometimes in the form Kalman. It was derived from the Germanic name: Koloman, Coloman or Kolman. Germanic name Coloman used by Germans since the 9th century.

The Yiddish and Hungarian names are a convergence with separate origins (the Yiddish name first appearing in the Rhineland in the middle ages with the famed Kalonymos_family. The convergence has made the name popular, however among Hungarian Jews.

People with the name Kalman or Kálmán include:


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