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Kálmán Kittenberger (Léva, October 10, 1881 - Nagymaros, January 4, 1958) was a Hungarian traveller, natural historian, biologist and collector. He was born in Léva, now in Slovakia (Levice).

He made six travels to Africa, the first time in 1902, where he was sent by the Hungarian Royal Society in Budapest. He spent altogether ten and a half years in Africa. During his journeys he faced financial difficulties as he received no sponsorship, but he was still able to grant 60,000 items to the biological collections of the Hungarian National Museum, including 300 new animal species. (Almost 40 of them were named after Kittenberger, including Pachyonomastus kittenbergeri) Part of that collection was annihilated by a fire in 1956.

Selected works[edit]

  • Vadász- és gyűjtőúton Kelet-Afrikában (Hunting and collecting in East-Africa, 1927, Budapest)
  • A megváltozott Afrika (Changed Africa, 1930, Budapest)
  • Kelet-Afrika vadonjaiban (In the wilderness of East-Africa, 1955, Budapest)
  • A Kilimandzsárótól Nagymarosig (From the Kilimanjaro to Nagymaros, 1956, Budapest)