Károly Schaffer

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Károly Schaffer
Károly Schaffer.png
Károly Schaffer
Born September 7, 1864
Died October 16, 1939 (1939-10-17) (aged 75)
Nationality Hungarian
Fields anatomy

Károly Schaffer (September 7, 1864, Vienna – October 16, 1939, Budapest)[1] was a Hungarian anatomist and neurologist. He was born in Vienna. The axon projection from CA3 to CA1 neurons in hippocampus, Schaffer collateral, is named after him.

He was involved in the early studies of Tay-Sachs disease.[2]

Authored Books[edit]

  • Über das morphologische Wesen und die Histopathologie der hereditär-systematischen Nervenkrankheiten (Berlin, 1926)
  • Az elmebetegségek és kapcsolatos idegbetegségek kórtana (Pathology of mental diseases and their related nervous disorders. Budapest, 1927)
  • Anatomische Wesenbestimmung der hereditär-organischen Nerven-Geisteskrankheiten (With Dezsö Miskolczy. Szeged, 1936)
  • Histopathologie des Neurons (Budapest-Leipzig, 1938)


  1. ^ In reply to an e-mail query as to the pronunciation of the "a" in "Schaffer" and as to which syllable in "Schaffer" should have the stronger accent, Gabor Gazdag, MD, replied in March, 2011, "The original Hungarian pronunciation of Prof. Schaffer's name is closest to the "u" in the word "pronunciation." The accent in Hungarian is always on the first syllable of the word."
  2. ^ Baran B, Bitter I, Fink M, Gazdag G, Shorter E (December 2007). "Károly Schaffer and his school: The birth of biological psychiatry in Hungary, 1890-1940". Eur. Psychiatry. 23 (6): 449–456. doi:10.1016/j.eurpsy.2007.10.003. PMID 18078742. 

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