Käsivarsi Wilderness Area

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Käsivarsi Wilderness Area (Käsivarren erämaa)
Protected area
Termisvaaralta Käsivarren Erämaa.jpg
A view from Termisvaara hill
Country Finland
Region Lapland
Location Enontekiö
 - coordinates 69°05′N 021°30′E / 69.083°N 21.500°E / 69.083; 21.500Coordinates: 69°05′N 021°30′E / 69.083°N 21.500°E / 69.083; 21.500
Area 2,206 km2 (852 sq mi)
IUCN category Ib - Wilderness Area
Käsivarsi Wilderness Area is located in Finland
Käsivarsi Wilderness Area
Location in Finland

The Käsivarsi Wilderness Area (Finnish: Käsivarren erämaa-alue) is the second-largest wilderness reserve in Finland. It was established in 1991 like all the other 11 wilderness areas in Lapland. Its area is 2,206 square kilometres (852 sq mi). It is the most popular wilderness area in Finland, by number of visitors. It is governed by the Metsähallitus.[1]

All Finnish fells of over 1,000 meters of height, except for nearby Saana, are situated in the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area.

Käsivarsi, the Finnish word for arm, refers to the location of the area—in the raised arm of the Maiden of Finland.


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