Kåfjorden (Alta)

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Kåfjorden  (Norwegian)
Njoammelgohppi  (Northern Sami)
Kåfjorden Alta.jpg
View of the fjord
Kåfjorden is located in Finnmark
Location of the fjord
Kåfjorden is located in Norway
Kåfjorden (Norway)
Location Finnmark county, Norway
Coordinates 69°56′07″N 23°02′43″E / 69.9353°N 23.0454°E / 69.9353; 23.0454Coordinates: 69°56′07″N 23°02′43″E / 69.9353°N 23.0454°E / 69.9353; 23.0454
Type Fjord
Primary outflows Altafjorden
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 8 kilometres (5.0 mi)

Kåfjorden (Norwegian) or Njoammelgohppi (Northern Sami) is a fjord in Alta Municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. The 8-kilometre (5.0 mi) long fjord branches off the main Altafjorden. The village of Kåfjord and the Kåfjord Church both lie along the northern coast of the fjord. The European route E06 highway follows the northern shoreline of the fjord. A bridge over the Kåfjorden was built in 2013 to shorten the E6 highway route around the fjord.[1][2]

The fjord was the anchorage of the German battleship Tirpitz for much of World War II, which was attacked by British midget submarines during Operation Source in 1943 and by aircraft during Operation Tungsten, Operation Mascot, Operation Goodwood and Operation Paravane in 1944.

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