Kåfjorden (Troms)

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Kåfjorden  (Norwegian)
A view from the northeast coast of Kåfjorden, 2012 March.jpg
View of the fjord
Kåfjorden is located in Troms
Location of the fjord
Kåfjorden is located in Norway
Kåfjorden (Norway)
LocationTroms county, Norway
Coordinates69°29′55″N 20°48′12″E / 69.4987°N 20.8033°E / 69.4987; 20.8033Coordinates: 69°29′55″N 20°48′12″E / 69.4987°N 20.8033°E / 69.4987; 20.8033
Native nameGáivuotna  (Northern Sami)
Kaivuono  (Kven)
Basin countriesNorway
Max. length20 kilometres (12 mi)
Max. width3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi)
SettlementsBirtavarre, Olderdalen

Kåfjorden (Norwegian), Gáivuotna (Northern Sami) or Kaivuono (Kven) is a fjord in the municipality of Gáivuotna-Kåfjord-Kaivuono in Troms county, Norway. The 20-kilometre (12 mi) long fjord is a branch off the main Lyngen fjord stretching further inland to the village of Birtavarre. The European route E06 highway runs around the entire fjord.[1]

View of the fjord

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