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Native name: Gávvir
Kågen is located in Troms
Location of Island in Troms
Location Skjervøy, Troms, Norway
Coordinates 69°59′N 20°50′E / 69.983°N 20.833°E / 69.983; 20.833Coordinates: 69°59′N 20°50′E / 69.983°N 20.833°E / 69.983; 20.833
Area 85.7 km2 (33.1 sq mi)
Length 12 km (7.5 mi)
Width 12.7 km (7.89 mi)
Coastline 50 km (31 mi)
Highest elevation 1,228 m (4,029 ft)
Highest point Store Kågtinden
County Troms
Municipality Skjervøy
Population 27 (2001)
Pop. density 0.3 /km2 (0.8 /sq mi)

Kågen (Northern Sami: Gávvir) is an island in the municipality of Skjervøy in Troms county, Norway. It has an area of 85.7 square kilometres (33.1 sq mi) and the island is home to 27 inhabitants (2001). The island is mountainous with several peaks over 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) above sea level. The highest point is the 1,228-metre (4,029 ft) tall mountain Store Kågtind. Kågen is the 52nd largest island in Norway.

There is a ferry connection with Arnøya and Laukøya to the north, the Skjervøy Bridge connects to the island Skjervøya to the east, and the undersea Maursund Tunnel connects the island to the mainland to the south.[1]

East face of Blåtinden (985 m) as seen from the south coast of Maursundet in 2012 March. The mountain is located in the island of Kågen in the municipality of Skjervøy, Troms, Norway.

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