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(pronunciation: /ˈk/ KAY) is the stage name of singer-songwriter Kevin Grivois.[1] Ké gained recognition with his 1996 debut album, I Am [ ], which spawned the European smash single "Strange World", the biggest pop radio hit in Italy that year. The following single "Someday" (1996) and the albums Shiny (1998) and Better Way Of Living (2001) were less successful and were followed by a hiatus of Ké's musical career.


Being the son of a Cherokee mother and a French father, Ké's music often reflect his cross-cultural background. Drawing on his distinct falsetto voice, Ké can sometimes leave an androgynous vocal impression. Discovered performing in a North London Tube station by Eurythmics mastermind, Dave Stewart,who asked Ke to perform the closing credits song "Broken Circles" for the movie The Ref starring Kevin Spacey. He is probably best known for his 1996 hit song, anti-war anthem "Strange World". His popularity in Europe as a cult icon was cemented in part by the fact "Strange World", his debut single, topped radio charts in the UK, Italy and Germany as one of the most requested songs of 1996. Although most of his music was never released in the USA, a dance remix of the song, by Junior Vasquez, hit #1 on the Billboard dance chart. Other singles released by Ké include "Someday" (1996), "You Don't Know Me" (1998), "Sounds of Silence" (1998) and "Believer" (1999). Rebounding on his own with a self-released “Better Way of Living”, which featured a duet with Macy Gray. Ké soon thereafter decided to renounce the hollow pursuit of celebrity, in order to devote his time to more substantial Animal Welfare Issues.[citation needed]

Album discography[edit]

  • I Am [ ] (1996), RCA
  • Shiny (1998), RCA
  • Better Way Of Living (2001), Schizo Music

Singles discography[edit]

  • "Strange World" (1996), RCA
  • "Someday" (1996), RCA
  • "You Don't Know Me" (1998)
  • "Sounds of Silence" (1998)
  • "Believer" (1999)


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