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Highest point
Elevation1,014 m (3,327 ft) [1]
Prominence774 m (2,539 ft) [1]
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates47°52′44″N 20°0′37″E / 47.87889°N 20.01028°E / 47.87889; 20.01028Coordinates: 47°52′44″N 20°0′37″E / 47.87889°N 20.01028°E / 47.87889; 20.01028
English translationBluish
Language of nameHungarian
Kékes is located in Hungary
LocationHeves county, Hungary
Parent rangeMátra, Western Carpathians

Kékes [ˈkeːkɛʃ] is Hungary's highest mountain, at 1,014 metres (3,327 ft) above sea level.[1] It lies 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) northeast of Gyöngyös,[2] in the Mátra range of Heves county. It is Hungary's third most popular tourist attraction, after Lake Balaton and the Danube, and has a number of hotels and skiing pistes. The Kékestető TV Tower stands at the summit.

The name Kékes is derived from the mountain's often bluish colour. In Hungarian, the word kék means 'blue', while kékes means implicitly 'bluish'.


It is home to the former Pauline Monastery of Kékes.

Road cycling[edit]

For road bicycle racing enthusiasts, the mountain can be climbed by two main routes.

  • South from Gyöngyös: 839 m over 17.8 km. This is the most famous and difficult ascent.
  • North from Parád: 775 m over 16.9 km. About equal in difficulty as the Bédoin ascent, but better sheltered against the climb.

Tour de Hongrie stage finishes[edit]

Year Stage Start of stage Distance (km) Category Stage winner Yellow jersey
2021 4 Balassagyarmat 202.2 1  Damien Howson (AUS)  Damien Howson (AUS)
2020 4 Miskolc 187.8 1  Attila Valter (HUN)  Attila Valter (HUN)
2019 4 Karcag 138.1 1  Krists Neilands (LAT)  Krists Neilands (LAT)
2016 4 Karcag 144 1  Chris Butler (USA)  Mihkel Räim (EST)
2015 4 Karcag 146 1  Andi Bajc (SLO)  Tom Thill (LUX)
2005 6 Mátraháza 3.4 (ITT) -  Tamás Lengyel (HUN)  Tamás Lengyel (HUN)
2005 5 Mezőkövesd 93 1  Glen Chadwick (NZL)  Tamás Lengyel (HUN)
2004 5 Mezőkövesd 148 1  Anatolij Varvaruk (UKR)  Zoltán Remák (SVK)
2003 5 Mátraháza 3.4 (ITT) -  Tamás Lengyel (HUN)  Zoltán Remák (SVK)
2003 4 Miskolc 127.3 1  Matija Kvasina (CRO)  Zoltán Remák (SVK)
2001 3 Tiszaújváros 174 1  Mikoš Rnjaković (SCG)  Mikoš Rnjaković (SCG)

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