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Kókómjólk (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈkoːukouˌmjoul̥k], ChocoMilk) is a popular Icelandic chocolate milk beverage manufactured by Mjólkursamsalan. The beverage used to have a purple and yellow striped female cat mascot named Branda ("bröndótt" being the Icelandic word for brindle), which has now been replaced by Klói, a more muscular male cat, who is portrayed claiming "you will get strength from Kókómjólk."

There was a very minor controversy when the mascot's design was changed in 2014 and made more minimalistic.

In Icelandic shops, Kókómjólk is also available in a sugar free variation and in a 250ml milk carton.

Every summer there is a game called "Kókómjólkurleikurinn", translated as "The ChocoMilk Game". In this game, one buys a 6-pack of Kókómjólk cartons, on which there will be a little note with a lucky number. The customer then goes to the Kókómjólk website[1] and checks to see if the lucky number awards any prizes. Prizes could be, for example, a box of Kókómjólk or a ticket to the movies.


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