Köhler's Medicinal Plants

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Köhler's Medicinal Plants is an abbreviated English rendering of the book title Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen in naturgetreuen Abbildungen mit kurz erläuterndem Texte : Atlas zur Pharmacopoea germanica etc.. This is a German rare medicinal guide published by the company Franz Eugen Köhler from 1883 to 1914 in Gera. The first complete edition in three volumes was published in 1887. It was mainly written by Hermann Adolph Köhler (1834-79), edited by Gustav Pabst, and contains some 300 full-page chromolithography plates by the illustrators Walther Otto Müller, C.F. Schmidt, and K. Gunther.

Koehler and Kohler are alternate spellings of the name Köhler.



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