Kömürhan Bridge

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Kömürhan Bridge
Kömürhan Köprüsü
Coordinates 38°26′26″N 38°49′06″E / 38.44068°N 38.81847°E / 38.44068; 38.81847Coordinates: 38°26′26″N 38°49′06″E / 38.44068°N 38.81847°E / 38.44068; 38.81847
Carries D-300
Crosses Euphrates
Constructed by STFA Group
Construction begin February 23, 1983
Opened April 8, 1986
Replaces Old Kömürhan Bridge
Kömürhan Bridge is located in Turkey
Kömürhan Bridge
Kömürhan Bridge
Location of the Kömürhan Bridge in Turkey

The Kömürhan Bridge is a box-girder bridge[1] that carries the Elazığ-Malatya highway D-300 over the Firat River in eastern Turkey.[2] It was constructed using the balanced cantilever technique.[1][3]

The bridge was constructed to replace an arch bridge built by the Swedish company Nydqvist & Holm AB and opened on October 5, 1932, which was flooded with the completion of the Karakaya Dam. The new bridge was built by the STFA Group between February 23, 1983 and April 8, 1986.[3][4]

It features in the "50 works in 50 years" list of significant building projects in Turkey published by the Chamber of Civil Engineers in Turkey.[5]


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