Köneürgenç District

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Köneürgenç District
Country Turkmenistan
ProvinceDaşoguz Province
Time zoneUTC+5 (+5)

Köneürgenç District is a district of Daşoguz Province in Turkmenistan. The administrative center of the district is the town of Köneürgenç.

Historical city which served as the capital of Khorezm Shahs. It was also one of the important points on the Silk Road.

Today there is still number historical monuments survived from the times of Khorezm. Among which Palace of Törebeg Hanym, tomb of Ilarslan, tomb of Tekesh, tomb of Nejmettin Kübra and Soltan Aly, Dash Metjid, etc. These monuments are now enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage.

See also Kunya-Urgench.